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Blogger Outreach – You don’t have to be a Pro to monetise your blog! *

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I’m always astonished to see the amount of people who give up blogging just months into their journey. Why would you let all your hard work go to waste? Have you even thought about Blogger Outreach before giving up?

Don’t get me wrong; I’m very impatient, and I like to see instant results, but after years of blogging I’ve realised it’s a process and like everything worthwhile, takes time.

Imagine beginning a blog is like planting a seed. If you merely plant the seed and leave it, nothing will grow. In order to bring the seed to bloom, you need to encourage it, nurture it and help it to grow. Your blog works in the same way. If you start a blog but after time stop posting and leave it to rot away, it will do just that, along with your hard-earned statistics and collaboration potential. In order to grow your stats and audience you need to continue to post quality content on a regular basis.

That doesn’t mean you can’t start monetising your blog from the beginning, however.

Blogger Outreach
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Start Monetising Straight Away

You don’t need to be a professional or well-established blogger for companies and brands to want to work with you. I think this is why so many give up so quickly – they can’t see the potential their blog has because they are comparing themselves to others at different stages in their blogging journey.

Stop right now, thank you very much!

Your blog is unique and there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ specification when it comes to recruiting for blogger outreach as it spans all industries. Blogger Outreach, namely businesses working with bloggers to create authentic content in order to promote their product or brand, is NOT just for those who’ve been writing for years or have a vast portfolio of previous collaborations. Different recruiters are looking for different styles of writing, looks and personalities – you might be exactly what they need!

Domain Authority

Most businesses will look at the DA Score (Domain Authority) of your blog before deciding whether or not to work with you. This doesn’t mean that you cannot work with companies if you have a low DA, however. And, the more you post and continue to work with companies, the more content you have on your blog and the quicker your DA Score will increase.

Blogger Outreach
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Whilst you do need to own your domain in order for it to register above a score of two in DA, there are companies offering paid blogging jobs for domains with scores of as low as five, so it is worth approaching these and applying for them if you feel you fit their criteria. The higher your DA, in general, the higher the payment for your written work.

Things To Remember

When applying for any Blogger Outreach opportunity, you need to remember a few important things:

– Check your blog is a suitable fit for the company/ brand/ content specification – you want it to be a good read for both your client and your audiences.

– Write a cover letter introducing your blog and why you feel you are suitable – market yourself.

– Be confident in your writing – some companies may ask for evidence of previous relevant articles you have written – show passion!

– Don’t be afraid to try – everybody has to start somewhere.

Peace & Love