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Amazing Free everymum Gift Bag From Supervalu Ireland

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How and What I got In My Free everymum Gift Bag

As soon as I found out I was pregnant I was straight online looking for support sites and apps I could use to keep an eye on everything. I came across the everymum website which I’ve been using ever since for helpful hints and tips, and recently picked up my Free everymum Gift Bag, too.

What is everymum?

everymum is a wonderful website packed with great information, tools and competitions for mums in Ireland. I saw that they were offering a free gift bag for new mums, and even though I’ve had the voucher on my phone for months, I finally picked up my own gift bag today whilst out shopping.

Where do you get the Free everymum Gift Bag?

When I registered for updates from everymum, I was asked for my due date and some basic information. Once I’d signed up they emailed me a link to get a voucher for my free everymum gift bag. The link is also available on their homepage.

Once you have the voucher, all you need to do is pop into your local Supervalu next time you are out shopping. Go to Customer Services and show them your voucher and they’ll give you your free everymum gift bag there and then!

What do you get in the Free everymum Gift Bag?

I was suprised when the bag was handed over as it was packed with bits and pieces for me to try. Here’s a look at what was included in the July 2021 bag:

22 Pampers New Baby Nappies

One of the bigger items in the bag was the 22 pack of Pampers New Baby Nappies in size 1 (4-11lbs), which will come in really handy for our little one and will give me an idea of how good the brand name nappies actually are which is helpful as I don’t have a clue which are best to use at the moment.

40 Pack Supervalu Giant Pure Cotton Wool Pads

I’m told these are a necessity on the changing table for cleaning baby’s face, eyes and outer ear so it was a result they included a 40 pack of these pads for me to try in the bag.

BabyBoo 100% Organic Cotton Washable Bib & Money-Off Coupon

everymum free gift bag

A lovely suprise within the free everymum gift bag was the 100% organic cotton washable bib from Babyboo. The one in my bag is gorgeous with cute little elephant print on it. I’m really impressed with the quality and look forward to trying this out on my little one at feeding time soon.

They also included a voucher for money-off Babyboo’s website, so I look forward to seeing what else they have on offer.

Milk Teeth 0-2 Years Mini Sample & Money-Off Coupons

everymum free gift bag

Also included were lots of little sample products, including a Milk Teeth Toothpaste tester and some money-off coupons for future purchases.

Sudocrem Care & Protect Mini Sample

They popped a mini Sudocrem in to try, too.

Milton Baby Bottle Cleaner Mini Sample

everymum free gift bag

And a small sachet of Milton Baby Bottle Cleaner.

Fairy Fabric Softener Original Mini Sample & Fairy Non-Bio Pod Sample

everymum free gift bag

I have sensitive skin so use Fairy products myself anyway, but it’s nice they included a sample of the fabric softener and a pod to try out.

2 Water Wipe Samples & Free Pack Coupon

I hear Water Wipes are meant to be much kinder than baby wipes on baby’s sensitive areas, so I’m keen to try these out for myself to see what they are like as they are quite pricey. Luckily the sample included a free pack coupon, too.

Money-Off Coupons

Other coupons in the bag included €3 off Fairy products, €4 off Newborn Pampers packs, and Supervalu online shop coupons.

Handy everymum Drawstring Bag

Finally, they packed everything into this handy red everymum drawstring bag for me to take home with me.

Have you picked up your Free everymum Gift Bag? What did you get in yours? Let me know in the comments below!

Peace & Love

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  1. That’s so cute! I know there are a few things like that here in England but nothing as good. I didn’t get anything when I was pregnant. I’ve never used Pampers nappies, just Aldi and Tesco’s own.

    Corinne x

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