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Why I Absolutely Prefer the Idea of Shopping by Appointment on the High Street

Pre Covid-19, I always looked upon shopping by appointment as the reserve of the super-rich/elite and to be honest, as a little bit pointless for the average shopper. 

Since the pandemic however, and having tasted the delights of shopping by appointment for myself, I’m actually all for making this somewhat normal practice in the future. Hear me out. 

Shopping by appointment
Liza Summer on

Shopping by Appointment Only Ireland

I’m not saying we should make all shopping exclusively ‘by appointment’ – that wouldn’t work and it would just be a financial nightmare for the high-street with no-shows and reduced passing trade. I also understand it wouldn’t be feasible for smaller or independent shops.

But, wouldn’t it be great if certain hours of the day / days of the week were reserved for people who wanted to book an appointment in the larger stores, supermarkets and centres? 

I can already think of many reasons why people would potentially prefer this option, but I also have a few personal reasons for thinking it could / should become a thing.

Reasons I’d Prefer The Shopping by Appointment Option

Reduced Anxiety / Stress Levels

Shopping by appointment
Mike Chai on

I suffer from an anxiety disorder that is triggered by large crowds, loud noises and bright lights amongst other things. To be able to shop amongst guaranteed reduced numbers of people with likely reduced noise levels and less people invading my personal space I would definitely be more inclined to go to the High Street instead of shopping online.

I’d also spend more time browsing then I would if the shop was panic-inducingly busy.

I’m also more likely to stick to an appointment than to decide to do a large clothes shop on a whim, as I like to be in control of my timetable.

My partner is more likely to come with me, too, as he knows I will only be in the shop for an allocated amount of time … his words, take what you will from that … but it means he may also buy something for himself.

Oh, and at 6 and a half months pregnant right now, the last thing I want to be doing is fighting other people in shops for a look at clothes, already stressed and overwhelmed in a mask. I’ve really enjoyed being able to go in and take my time looking at everything, instead of being hurried along by the person behind me wanting to grab something off the rail and making me feel suffocated until I move on.

Shopping By Appointment At A Time That Suits Me

I work full-time, currently from home, during the day. Even if I wanted to nip to the shops in my lunch break (which has never really been my thing anyway) I can’t at the moment.

Late-night shopping is normally only on Thursday nights during the majority of the year, at which point it is nearing the end of the week and the last thing I want to do after work is go shopping. I’ve loved being able to book in to shops knowing it’s on a day of my choosing and at a time that suits me – normally mid-evening around 7-8pm.

Shopping By Appointment Times For Vulnerable People And Specific Shopping Slots – Should Be Available If Wanted

I love going shopping with my Dad, but due to him being housebound unless with someone and confined to a wheelchair full-time, shopping can be a somewhat daunting and stressful experience for him. Alot of humans are, in a word, ignorant, and I don’t blame him for not wanting to head out during ‘normal’ shopping hours or busy periods.

Whilst I’m not suggesting in anyway that shopping should be segregated, I think there should be the option to book an appointment for those who wish to use them, with varying slots. This really could benefit so many different people; the elderly, those with disabilities, those with anxiety and stress disorders, new mums, pregnant women, parents with kids, adults who prefer to shop with no kids about … I could go on.

It Could Benefit The High Street

shopping by appointment
Artem Beliaikin on

If I know I’m booking an appointment to go shopping, it is for a reason. Whilst I may still walk past the shops and nip in and buy something on impulse, by planning a trip I will most likely write a list of things I need and want in advance. This means I’m also going to allocate funds specifically for the trip, and I’m definitely going to come home with a few items. I wouldn’t waste a visit otherwise.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m also more likely to keep an appointment, and my partner is more likely to come with me and potentially spend money too if he knows we are only going for a specific amount of time.

It Is GREAT To Have Something To Look Forward To

After the year we have all just endured, it feels wonderful to have things booked in my calendar. I don’t know about you, but I feel a bit more in control of what I’m doing and what I want to do because I’m taking the time to think about it more, after it was all taken away from us for so long.

Even just a little trip to the High Street at a time that suits me is more than enough to put a smile on my face at the moment, and for that I’m grateful.

Do you think you’d prefer the option to shop by appointment? Comment below!

Peace & Love