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My Favourite Yankee Candle Christmas Scents*

Yankee Candles are a fabulous, no-fuss way to fill your home with seasonal smells and all the ambience of Christmas. There are so many to choose from, so I’ve rounded up a list of my personal festive favourites and the best Yankee Candle Christmas scents available.

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My Favourite Yankee Candle Christmas Scents

Snowflake Cookie

If a candle could ever give you a sweet cuddle, it would definitely be Snowflake Cookie. Not only is it a yummy hug in a jar, it’s also a pretty frosty pink colour and smells like sweet, sugary vanilla. Yum.

After Sledding

If you need a warm welcome home after a Winter’s day in the cold outside then After Sledding is the candle for you. It will fill your home with the scents of vanilla, sweet maple and all those yummy baking spices that remind us of Christmas.

Glittering Star

This is a lovely, mellow-smelling candle which is perfect for a chilled winter’s evening inside. Its scent is a mixture of sandalwood and sugar plum with notes of ginger.

Angel’s Wings

I love Angel’s Wings – the sugary vanilla blended with floral tones leaves the sweetest, purest lingering aroma and just smells so … mmm.

Christmas Morning Punch

Christmas Morning Punch is all about the fruity flavours. This candle is full of the scents of ruby-red pomegranate, with hints of strawberries and cranberries, too.

Christmas Cookie

You know that scrummy, buttery vanilla smell after you’ve baked sugar cookies? Well, this is that smell, in a jar, with just a hint of spice.

Christmas Eve

Sugared plums, candied fruits and hints of a crackling fireplace explode out of the Christmas Eve Yankee Candle jar. I love this one, it’s such a fun Santa Claus red, too.

Frosty Gingerbread

Frosty Gingerbread is a yummy mix of tasty Christmas baking aromas including cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg and ginger which leaves a sugary but not overpowering scent in the air.

Candy Cane Forest

This is my ultimate favourite of all the Yankee Candle Christmas scents. Candy canes are everything at Christmas and this candle is fit to burst with sugary, peppermint-smelling magic.

It’s like a minty blast of snowy, icy freshness and it’s a pretty pearlescent grey.

Singing Carols

For lovers of a classic Christmas, Singing Carols is a festive candle that will blend into your Christmas aesthetic with ease. This candle is fruity and spicy with lingering tones of evergreen, so you can bring all the natural, authentic smells of Christmas into your home.

Candlelit Cabin

Encompassing all of the smells of a snowy alpine retreat, Candlelit Cabin comprises rustic pine, spices and earthy notes. Its mellow grey colour matches its homely aromas.

Suprise Snowfall

Suprise Snowfall is a pretty medley of verbena, winter fruits and silver spruce. It’s a fresh, bright scent, perfect for softening the home in the bleak mid-winter.

Snow In Love

This was the first Christmas Yankee Candle I was gifted way back when, and I’ve been a fan ever since. It’s like a pretty floral talcum powder and I find it to be soothing and so clean-smelling. It’s a lush, delicate fragrance.

All Is Bright

In a pretty, pearly white, All Is Bright has a citrusy, musky scent that leaves a strong yet pleasant fruity fragrance when burned. I adore the clean, fruity odour it leaves.

Do you use Yankee Candles? Let me know your favourite of all the Yankee Candle Christmas scents below. Also, If you can recommend any other brands with great smelling Christmas scents I’d love to know about them please!

Peace & Love

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