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Affordable Stocking Filler Ideas For Him*

Thinking about what to get the male in your life as a stocking filler? Look no further, as I’ve put together a list of great, inexpensive stocking filler ideas for him.

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Stocking Filler Ideas For Him

Food & Drink Stocking Filler Ideas For Him

There are so many fun food and drink gift sets on the market for Christmas. Whatever his taste there will be something to suit; here are a few suggestions:

Sauce Tasting Sets / Chocolate Gifts / Sweetie Gifts / Flavoured Syrup Sets / Novelty Sweets

Clothing & Accessory Stocking Filler Ideas For Him

There is probably an item of clothing or accessory that he needs or could do with replacing, here are some ideas of everyday things and a few extras he might need:

Cufflinks / Tie Clips / Tie / Belt / Wallet

Hip Flask / Pocket Watch / PJ Bottoms / Socks

Boxers / Braces / Scarf & Glove Set / Slippers

Grooming Stocking Filler Ideas For Him

If he’s always borrowing your loofah or hairbrush, chances are he could do with one himself but can be bothered to go and buy one. Here are some grooming product gift ideas that you could pop in his stocking:

Comb/ Brush Set / Beard Grooming Set /

Moisturisers / Manicure Sets / Nose/ Ear Trimmer

Toiletry Sets / Shower Brushes

Electronic Stocking Filler Ideas For Him

Again, if he is always pinching your charger or moaning that he’s run out of battery, he’ll be super grateful for a new or spare one. The below are examples of handy, inexpensive electronic gifts you can use to fill his stocking:

Spare Phone Charger / Phone Case / Phone Stand

Air Pods / Bluetooth Shower Speaker /

Car USB Charger / Mini Speakers

Novelty Stocking Filler Ideas For Him

Every stocking should have some fun, quirky presents in it, be it something to read on the toilet or a game to whip out to get the drinks flowing:

Miniature Puzzles / Card Games / Novelty Books / Drinking Games / Quiz Books / Miniature Games

Personal Stocking Filler Ideas For Him

To get him something a little more personal, you could always put in something related to his tastes like the following:

Sport Memorabilia / Stadium Tour /

TV & Music Memorabilia / Experience Day

Music Memorabilia / A Photo Of You Both

Do you have any stocking filler ideas for him that you could recommend? Comment below!

Peace & Love

Stocking Filler Ideas For Him

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