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10 Ideas For Singles On New Year’s Eve*

Despite the festive cheer that is Christmas still lingering heavily in the air, the thought of being alone on New Year’s can really make you dread the whole thing altogether. You wouldn’t be alone in wishing someone would do the work and just compile a list of 10 Ideas for Singles On New Year’s Eve. So I did!

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Whether you’re single, spending the night alone this year, looking to meet someone casual or find your lobster on NYE, this is the list for you.

10 Ideas For Singles On New Year's
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Go Single Not Solo This NYE

  • Throw Your Own Party: If you don’t want to go to the people, bring the people to you! Why not invite your friends, extending the invite to any of their mates at a loose end? That way, your party will be full, you’ll be known as super chill for allowing the waifs and strays and you’ll meet a ton of new people in the process.
  • Take A Trip: You don’t have to spend NYE at home with your crew to beat FOMO or to compensate for the fact that you are single. You could escape it all by driving, jetting or sailing off to somewhere new. Hotels tend to host in-house events so chances are you’ll get chatting to someone. Equally, you’ll be so busy travelling and enjoying yourself you won’t be bothered with what everyone else is doing.
10 Ideas For Singles On New Year's
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  • Join A Dating Site: Why not pre-plan your company on NYE? Again, many people like you will not want to spend it alone, and some may be looking for more than just an evening of fun, they may want years and years! Whether you’re looking for Sex Dating or No Strings Dating Net, casual or serious dating, there is a site for everyone.
  • Hit Up Your Family: So your immediate circle isn’t doing anything, but what about your Aunts, Uncles or Cousins? Keep your ear to the ground for events. If it’s not a group you’d normally socialise in, you’ll be widening your scope for meeting people and keeping yourself busy at the same time.
  • Speak To Colleagues: What is everyone else doing? Are there any big events you could tag along to? Any friends of friends having parties that you could secure an invite for? People are much more friendly and welcoming at this time of year, and again, by extending your social circle you’ll be extending your chances of meeting someone new.
  • Local NYE Events: The idea of your local pub might seem a dire idea for a usual evening, but why not try it out for NYE? Staying close to home, you might just bump into someone you’ve had your eye on, or someone completely new who is right on your doorstep. You have the bonus of being close to home on the evening too, should you meet somebody tasty.
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  • Big NYE Events: Not everybody wants to walk in the pub alone on NYE, but at a big event such as a fireworks display or concert, you’ll blend in nicely. Christmas and New Year’s are a great time to socialise as everyone tends to be so much more chilled at talking to others and sharing the joy. Who knows what could happen or who you’ll speak to.
  • Reach Out To Friends: Whether your immediate circle or a friend you’ve not seen in a while, be sure to put out the feelers to see what your mates are up to. There’s so much to do on NYE you may end up with a range of options to choose from.
Ideas For Singles On New Year's Eve
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  • Blind Date: Ask the people you know to recommend a blind date. Get yourself set up and plan something to do together on NYE. You’ll have the excitement of the evening itself, with the added fun of meeting someone completely new on one of THE most romantic nights of the year.

  • Singles Events: Believe it or not, you aren’t the only person who might fancy getting out and about as a single on NYE. Why not try out a NY Single’s Event? There’s something to suit every taste, from dance nights to cabarets to dinners.

So, whether you’re looking for one night of passion, to find your Prince Charming before midnight, or even just to spend your evening with a group of great people, using the ideas above may just increase your chances.

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