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The Pro Co. Serum Trio: Review*

The Pro Co. Serum Trio: Eco AND Purse-Friendly Products

I’ve had the absolute pleasure of reviewing The Pro Co. Serum trio to kick off this week. These products are normally ten-a-penny, however, I was interested to get my hands on this brand in particular, given they seem to be running a very eco-conscious operation.

*This is a sponsored post, however the review is entirely my own opinion on the product.

I received three serums; two for day use and one for the night. Whilst the packaging is slightly lacking in ‘pa-zaz’, this is entirely acceptable, given the whole unit is 98% plastic free which I think we’d all prefer! Furthermore, the product is manufactured in the UK – no ridiculous air miles.

Pro Co. Serum

The serums are also suitable for vegans and are not tested on animals.

They come in a simple easy to store 30ml bottle with a pipette for application.

The Pro Co. Serum Trio: Vitamin C, Eye Rescue and Retinol Formulas

20% Vitamin C With Hyaluronic Acid

Pro Co. Serum

This Vit C Serum promises to improve skin firmness, decrease age spots, even out skin tone and increase radiance. After your cleansing routines, twice daily you apply one to two drops and smooth over the skin.

Created with 75% naturally derived ingredients, it glides onto skin and gives you a sort of glow after use – which is helpful on these dull, grey winter mornings!

Eye Rescue Advanced Formula

Pro Co. Serum

This Eye Rescue Serum can be used to fade dark circles, improve skin circulation and smooth out eye contours by applying just one drop under each eye after completing your daily cleanse, rubbing it in and allowing it to dry.

Created from 90% naturally derived ingredients, it is designed to fade existing pigmentation and to improve skin micro-circulation, leaving you with brighter eyes.

It was nice to apply something so light to the under-eye area. Some products and especially some creams I find to be too abrasive and thick for that area which can cause some pain and irritation.

7% Micro Encapsulated Retinol

Pro Co. Serum

The Retinol Serum is for use overnight and is proven to assist with the anti-ageing process. The Pro Co. have developed their Retinol Serum to be kinder to skin, penetrating deeper and performing whilst you sleep to improve the signs of ageing.

Created using 90% natural ingredients, I particularly like this product as it works whilst you sleep, and one to two drops is again more than enough. My skin didn’t feel tight or sore when I woke up which it tends to in the winter months.

Where To Purchase

The Pro Co.’s serums go further, given the minimal amount you need to use to treat your skin. Not only are they working hard and achieving at being kind to the planet, they aren’t charging you through the roof for the privilege of purchasing one of their products.

Each 30ml serum is priced at £7.99, however The Pro Co. are treating you to an exclusive 20% discount this Christmas. Just follow the links above to claim or head on over to their website to view their other products.

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