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13 Fun Things To Do At Home At Christmas

Due to Covid-19 Christmas, like the majority of 2020, is going to be a little different. We’re all still trying to be extra careful, which means spending more time indoors. Never fear, there are lots of fun things to do at home at Christmas, and I’ve made a list of 13 of them for you.

fun things to do at home at christmas
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13 Fun Things To Do At Home At Christmas

1.Paint a Christmas Window

Why not turn your windows into a beautiful, fun or traditional Christmas scene with some acrylic (washable) paints? It’s a great way to spend a December afternoon and you can just let your creativity flow.

You could always gets the family involved to do a bit each so that you can all be proud of your creation. Perhaps do one window each, a big window together or all of the windows – the choice is yours. Don’t forget to take a photo. It could become a Christmas tradition of yours.

2.D.I.Y. Natural or Recycled Material Wreath

Fun Things To Do At Home At Christmas
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Whether using twigs, string and pine cones or a wire coat hanger and strips of old fabric, making a homemade wreath is a really fun and crafty way to spend time indoors at Christmas.

3.Have a Christmas Movie Night

There’s nothing better than snuggling up under a big blanket with a mug of hot chocolate and a classic Christmas movie or two. Why not pick your three favourite Christmas movies and schedule a duvet day or night in with lots of yummy seasonal snacks and treats?

4.Bake & Decorate Gingerbread People

Fun Things To Do At Home At Christmas
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Nothing says Christmas more than scrummy gingerbread cookies with icing and gumdrop buttons. If you were feeling extra, you could try and bake your own gingerbread house, instead.

5.Create a Candy Cane Tree

Fun things to do at home at christmas
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Candy Canes are a symbol of Christmas in society today and a must-have around the house at Christmas. They’re great for nibbling on and dipping in hot chocolate and just make me so happy when I see them.

By taping a few old toilet roll tubes together and hanging candy canes around the rims or buying a polystyrene cone and some icing sugar to attach, you can create your very own Candy Cane tree with some pound-shop candy canes on the cheap. It makes for a great centerpiece, too.

6.Bake & Decorate a Christmas Cake

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Why not fill your home with the scents of Christmas and try out baking a Christmas Cake? The best part is the decorating and you can make it as traditional or as unique as you like. Plus you get to enjoy the results, too! Yum.

7.Make and Donate a Charity Box

Fun things to do at home at christmas
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For most, Christmas means a housefull of new goods and an abundance of food and drink. We all know however, that sadly this isn’t the case for everybody.

Take a look through your drawers, cabinets and cupboards – could you spare some unused toiletries, make-up, tinned foods or unopened toys? Did you over-buy on gifts or could you afford to spend a little on a new toy next time you go shopping?

This Christmas charities need our help more than ever. Some even ask for as little as a small box of everyday items like toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant and sanitary items. These are things we all have lying around anyway, that would make the world of difference to someone else.

Making up a Christmas Box or Food Parcel is a fun yet great way to give something positive back. Just look online for charities near you and be sure to follow their guidelines to make their jobs as easy as possible.

8.Christmas TV Special Night

As with a Christmas movie night, you could schedule a night to watch some classic Christmas TV specials, too.

9.D.I.Y. Ornaments Using Recycled Materials

fun things to do at home at christmas
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Homemade ornaments can be made out of the most suprising of things. You could glitter-spray pine cones, or bake salt-dough or cookie decorations and hang them by string. The possibilities are pretty endless, dependent on what you want to use.

Fun Things To Do At Home At Christmas Continued

10.Write a Letter to a Care Home

Some of the hardest hit by the Covid-19 pandemic are our elderly in care. Whether they’ve lost their friends or have been deprived of contact, they have struggled immensely.

You could write to your local care home, asking how they are, letting them know about yourself and that you’re thinking of them.

You could also ring ahead and ask for the name of someone in need and what they like, and perhaps send a small gift too.

11.Bake Mince Pies

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Nicole Michalou on

The only bake more Christmassy than Christmas Cake and gingerbread cookies is the mighty Mince Pie.

Why not have a go at baking your own this year?

12.Write a 2021 Bucket List

With 2020 being SUCH a non-starter, now is a great time to write your bucket list for 2021. You could do this alone, with your partner or as a family. It’s a great way to get energised and excited.

After this year, I’m sure there is so much we all want to do and get planned, so let’s put all our positive vibes out there and hope for a better start to the year.

13.Write a 2020 Gratitude List

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Whilst it’s been a rough year, none of us want to feel like we’ve wasted 9 months (and some time in the future, I’m sure), feeling down.

There have been some crazy moments this year, but also some funny, strange, positive and ground-breaking ones, too.

Why not note down your best, funniest, happiest and craziest moments from 2020 to see out the year with a smile? Think about the things you are most grateful for this year and try to take them with you into 2021.

Do you have any recommendations for fun things to do at home at Christmas? Comment below!

Peace & Love

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