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Affordable Stocking Filler Ideas For her*

Wondering what little bits and bobs she would like in her stocking this year for Christmas? Look no further, as I’ve put together a list of affordable stocking filler ideas for her, to help you on your way!

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Affordable Stocking Filler Ideas For Her

Food & Drink Stocking Filler Ideas For Her

Whether she’s into the latest drinks craze or loves something a little different, there are loads of food and drink gift products available that will fit right in her stocking and just a few ideas include:

Botanicals / Cocktail Syrups / Novelty Chocolates / Luxury Chocolates / Novelty Sweets / Hot Chocolate Sets / Loose Tea Flavours / Coffee Syrups

Clothing & Accessory Stocking Filler Ideas For Her

There are so many great clothing and accessory stocking filler ideas, but the most useful in the wintery seasons are usually:

Slippers / Hair Ties / Socks / Headbands / Eye Masks / PJ Bottoms / Mittens / Winter Hat / Black Tights

Grooming Stocking Filler Ideas For Her

There will be something she uses all the time that she’s about to or has already run out of, and it’s usually one of the following, so by popping it in her stocking it shows you pay attention – it’s also nice to mix-in some self-care items, too:

Hair Brush Set / Resuseable Makeup Remover Pads / Moisturisers / Lip Balms / Hand Creams / Nail Polish Remover Pads / Face Masks / Bath Bombs / Toiletry Sets / Makeup Brushes

Electronic Gift Ideas For Her

Beause gadgets make our lives SO much easier, she can never have enough good electronic accessories, think of the things she uses on a regular basis and how you can enhance their usefulness:

Phone Case / Wireless Charger Pad / Car USB Charger / Mini Speakers / Phone Stand / Cable Tidies / Air Pods / USB Lights / Selfie Ring / Phone Ring / Makeup Mirror

Novelty Stocking Filler Ideas For Her

Every stocking should have a few silly, novelty gifts in them, you could include:

Mini Puzzles / Quiz Books / Drinking Games / Card Games / Mini Games / Mug Set / Retro Toys / Naughty Gifts

Personal Stocking Filler Ideas For Her

If you want to add a personal touch to your stocking filler gifts, you could always get her:

Theatre Date / Personalised Pillow / Music Memorabilia / Experience Day / TV & Film Memorabilia / Personalised Frame or Print / Framed Quote or Song Lyric

Do you have any stocking filler gift ideas for her that you could recommend? Let me know in the comments below!

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