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Best Alternative Advent Calendars 2020*

It’s that time of year again when I take a look at the best alternative Advent calendars on offer. So let’s see what the shops have for us to countdown to Christmas 2020 with.

*Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Bonne Maman 2020 Limited Edition Advent Calendar

I had to mention this one first because I ADORE Bonne Maman fruit jams. This calendar provides you with 24 tasty little pots of heaven … or fruit spreads as they’re more commonly known.

It’s limited edition, so get yours now for a delicious breakfast every morning leading up to Christmas.

Bomb Cosmetics The Bomb Advent Calendar

I love these bath bomb Advent calendars. This one from Bomb Cosmetics contains 24 miniature soaps and bombs, enough to keep you adequately soothed up until the big day.

Ilchester Cheese Advent Calendar

Some variant of cheese Advent calendar will appear on this list each year because in the words of Harvey Kinkle … “Mmmm cheese“. This Ilchester calendar is perfect for the cheese lover in your life. We all know one.

24 cheeses across 24 days? Game on. It’s genius.

Harry Potter 2020 Christmas Countdown Cube

In true magical style, this Harry Potter Advent calendar comes in the form of a cube with 24 doors to open and explore. Behind each one lies a variety of wonderful Harry Potter gifts and treats including socks, stationery, stickers and many more lovely little HP themed accessories.

Hotel Chocolat The Advent Calendar For Two

Why buy two Advent calendars when you can share one with your significant other? Hotel Chocolat’s calendar for two provides two scrumptious truffles to indulge in each day, so you can get excited together about opening the next door.


Yankee Candle Advent Calendar 2020 Book

This year Yankee Candle’s Christmas Advent calendar book contains 12 votives, 12 tea lights and a votive holder. All of the scents are Christmas themed and included in the selection are age-old favourites like Snowflake Cookie, Christmas Magic and Christmas Cookie.

This calendar will really get you and your home in the mood for Christmas.

Lynx Ice Chill Countdown To Christmas 12-Day Advent Calendar

One for the lads, this Lynx Advent Calendar contains 6 Lynx grooming products and an additional 6 accessories/ little treats for him.

It beats gifting the standard Lynx Africa duo on Christmas Day, hands down.

Candy Kittens Vegan Build-Your-Own Advent Calendar

An interesting take on the classic calendar, Candy Kittens have bought out a flat-pack tree. You build the tree yourself and the kit comes with four bags of their sweets for you to fill up your boxes with.

Gelatine and dairy-free, Candy Kittens’ sweets are full of flavour and the perfect treat for vegans and anyone who prefers gummys to chocolate.

Pukka Tea Days Of Christmas Advent Calendar

The Pukka Tea Advent calendar contains 24 different sachets of delicious organic herbal tea. There are a variety of flavours included and the calendar unfolds to hang elegantly on the wall.

Best Alternative Advent Calendars Continued:

Snaffling Pig 2020 Pork Scratching Advent Calendar

Because we can’t get to the pork scratchings right now, we need the pork scratchings to come to us, and this Snaffling Pig Advent calendar is the ultimate for any scratchings lover.

Every day for 24 days you get to wake up to a bag of Snaffling Pig’s yummy scratchings in one of five flavours. Heaven, am I right?

Doritos Advent Calendar

If you’re a Doritos fiend like me, you probably find it hard to stop at just one packet of these delicious triangle crisps. I’m not talking a standard bag either, I’m talking share bag sizes here people.

Never fear though, as Doritos have bought out their very own Advent calendar, meaning you can indulge your inner Doritos demon for the grand total of 25 days in a row. Each door contains a 40g bag in one of their three signature flavours; Cool Original, Flamin’ Hot or Tangy Cheese.

BIC Advent Calendar

Yes, you are reading this right – BIC have bought out an Advent calendar and the stationery geek inside of me is jumping for joy. The calendar contains 24 pieces of BIC writing stationery, 24 postcards and 20 stickers to colour in.

It’s a thing of beauty.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Advent Calendar And Pop-Up Book

If you fancy going all Tim Burton-esque on your Advent calendar this year then naturally this is the item for you.

Folded within a hardback book is a pop up Christmas tree and numbered doors. Each door contains a character from the film which can be hung on the tree, and you read the corresponding page in the smaller book provided which slowly reveals the story.

It’s a definite for fans of the film and can be used over and over again.

The Office 12 Days Of Socks Advent Calendar

You say it best, when you say it wearing a pair of these officially licensed The Office US character socks.

The Advent calendar contains 12 pairs of themed men’s socks to be opened each day. Need I say more?

Saffron 24 Day Gift Advent Calendar For Her

If you’re anything like me, then you love receiving smellies and toiletries at Christmas. But instead of just buying the one fragrance, why not treat her to 23 x 5ml and one 20ml fragrance bottle instead with this beautiful Advent calendar by Saffron?

Friends: The One With The Surprises Advent Calendar

The Friends Advent calendar will have your nostalgic senses tingling as soon as you open the first door. Containing 25 fun Friends-themed items like ornaments and recipe cards, this is a must-have for any hardcore Friends fan.

Gordons Pink Gin Advent Calendar and Miniature Bottle

Okay, so this one isn’t that alternative, but it is perfect for any Gordons’ pink gin fans. It contains booze, and that’s all we need to know, right?

You get 24 scrumptious chocolates and a 50ml bottle of the pink stuff to get you suitably sozzled Christmas morning.

Love Urban Beauty Bath And Body Celebration Calendar

Aptly dubbed ‘24 Days of Bubbles’, this Love Urban Calendar contains everything you need to provide yourself with a little self-care leading up to Christmas Day.

Bath bubbles, scented tea-lights, body scrubs and so much more are crammed in to this calendar. It’s the perfect treat for anyone who needs a little pick-me-up after this hellish year.

Man’Stuff Festive Toiletry Calendar

It’s not just women who appreciate self-care, and Man’Stuff have scooped together everything a gent could need with regard to giving himself a little me time over the festive period.

Their calendar contains 24 bath, body and beauty products for that fabulous man you know deserves it.

Brewdog Craft Beer Advent Calendar

The Brewdog calendar is the perfect Advent treat for the craft beer drinker in your life. They will get 24 special Brewdog beers and their very own stemmed gass to enjoy their tipple from, too.

Belinda Clark Gourmet Marshmallow Advent Calendar

I absolutely adore marshmallows. Remember Boomf? Yeah, I had those. But although these don’t have my photograph on, they still look incredibly delicious.

Belinda Clark is famous for supplying her gluten-free marshmallows to Fortnum & Mason, and she’s only gone and packaged them up and popped them into an Advent calendar for the likes of you and me to enjoy.

There are 46 individually wrapped marshmallows in total (two per day) in a range of 9 flavours and an indulgent chocolate spoon to tuck in to.

Friends Nespresso Capsule Limited Edition Advent Calendar

Another Friends calendar here as Nespresso have bought out their Central Perk-themed coffee countdown collab.

You will enjoy 24 mornings of tasty Nespresso flavours including Choco Cherry, Caramel Toffee and French Espresso to name but a few.

So there we have it; my list of the best alternative Advent calendars for 2020. Can you recommend any alternative calendars? Comment below!

Peace & Love

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