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Best EastEnders Christmas Day Episodes Ever

I recently been thinking about the best EastEnders Christmas Day episodes ever. If you’re a TV-Soap addict like me, one of the things you look forward to on Christmas Day each year is the hour-long EastEnders episode. 

The best storylines from the year often come to a head each festive season and there have been some amazing scenes played out over the years during this period. 

Best Eastenders Christmas Day Episodes Ever

The Best EastEnders Christmas Day Episodes Ever 

Christmas Day 1986: Dirty Den Demands A Divorce 

Having kept up the lie that she was suffering from a terminal illness to prevent her husband from leaving her, Ange’s manipulation finally came to an end when her lies were revealed.  

Best EastEnders Christmas Day Episodes Ever

Dirty Den wasted no time in demanding a divorce from her and the explosive scenes on Christmas Day 1986 saw more than 30 million tune in to watch the relationships final demise.  

Christmas Day 2002: Jamie Mitchell Dies  

Played by loveable heartthrob Jack Ryder, Jamie Mitchell was a fan favourite who didn’t have the best life in Albert Square. He was abused by his Uncle Billy, and then used by Godfather Phil. This abuse and his on/off relationship with Sonia, who got pregnant by Martin during this time, ultimately ended when Martin hit him with his car.  

Best EastEnders Christmas Day Episodes Ever

In the sad scenes on Christmas Day 2002, Billy and Phil made their peace with Jamie, and he died in hospital with Sonia by his side. 

Christmas Day 2009: Archie Mitchell’s Murder 

Christmas Day 2009 saw evil EastEnders villain Archie Mitchell finally meet his maker. 

Best EastEnders Christmas Day Episodes Ever

Instead of being a climactic episode, this one actually sparked a huge who-dunnit? All we saw on Christmas Day was that Archie had been battered over the head with the bust of Queen Victoria and left for dead.  

Lots of characters had a motive, with him being very disliked on the Square. The killer was eventually revealed during the live episode broadcast in February 2010, which commemorated the shows 25th anniversary.  

Apparently, Lacey Turner, who plays Stacey his killer, wasn’t told until 30 minutes before the show went live that she was the murderer, in a bid to keep the reveal as hush-hush as possible until the live night.  

Best Eastenders Christmas Day Episodes Ever Continued …

Christmas Day 2006: Pauline Fowler Dies 

Christmas Day 2006 saw the sad passing of matriarch and original 1985-character Pauline Fowler. Pauline has an argument with Sonia, who slaps her, but she is also hit around the head with a frying pan by her husband Joe, after a separate row. Sadly, Pauline was due to fly out and join her daughter abroad but decided to stay in Walford instead.  

Best EastEnders Christmas Day Episodes Ever

In tear-jerking scenes, Pauline falls down and dies outside in the snow under the Square’s Christmas tree, right beside late husband and one true love Arthur’s bench.  

Christmas Day 2019: Phil Finds Out About Keanu 

We were all just waiting for this secret to come out and it did just that on Christmas Day 2019. After finding out about wife Sharon’s affair with his daughter’s young (and very handsome) boyfriend Keanu, Phil realised he might not be the father of the child she is carrying and confronted her in explosive style on Christmas Day.  

Best EastEnders Christmas Day Episodes Ever

In a double-whammy, elsewhere Linda Carter decided to go on an alcohol binge and go AWOL, leading to her becoming tied up in Keanu’s messy situation.  

Christmas Day 2014: Mick Finds Out the Truth About Deano

After finding out that Deano raped his wife Linda, Mick understandably wants and tries to rip chunks out of him over him. On Christmas Day 2014 we saw them have it out in dramatic style, and in EastEnders fashion, Shirley dropped a second huge bombshell – that Mick and Deano were brothers and she was Mick’s mother not sister!  

Christmas Day 2007: Max and Stacey’s Affair Is Revealed 

Max Branning and Stacey Slater had been doing the dirty on their partners with each other for some time. The whole situation was made 100 times more excruciating by the fact that Stacey’s partner was also Max’s son, Bradley.

Having been caught red-handed on camera by Max’s daughter Lauren, who was filming their wedding day, the unwittingly revealed the extent of their affair and love for each other in just a few sentences. It was enough to enrage young Lauren who, disgusted by their actions, chose to premiere the video on Christmas Day in front of the entire family.  

We all sat behind our pillows, cringing and grimacing as the scenes unfolded between us. It was certainly overdue and a long-time-coming, but my God was it awful to watch and it is definitely top of the list of best EastEnders Christmas Day Episodes ever. 

2020 looks set to be another drama-filled Christmas on EastEnders, as we’ve just seen Ian left for dead on the floor of the Queen Vic and flashes of all the characters who have motive – and there’s a few to say the least.  

Which are your best EastEnders Christmas Day episodes ever? Will you be watching on Christmas Day this year? Comment below! 

Peace & Love 

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