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Romantic Things To Do At Christmas

Let’s face it, we could all use a little romance in our lives after the year we’ve had. Luckily, the festive season is the easiest time of year to show your love with a fitting gesture, as there is usually so much going on anyway.

Romantic Things To Do At Christmas
Any Lane on

Here are some simple ideas for romantic things to do at Christmas with the one’s you love <3

Romantic Things To Do At Christmas

Have A Car Date

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Rachel Claire on

I’m seeing more and more cute car dates cropping up on my social media. If you aren’t familiar, these dates mean taking a tablet or laptop to stream your movies, shedloads of snacks and blankets, driving somewhere scenic, parking up and getting comfy.

Whilst my 30-year-old self is thinking ‘nah I’d rather be in my house‘, the 17-year-old in me is screaming YES PLEASE.

Go Ice Skating

Romantic Things To Do At Christmas
Gantas Vaičiulėnas on

Nothing says hello Christmas more than ice skating in December. If you can get past the shock and embarrassment of those inevitable Bambi moments, it can be really romantic whizzing around to Christmas music together under all those lights, holding hands …. awwwww.

If there isn’t a permanent ice rink near you chances are a temporary one will pop up in the vicinity at some point in December. I used to love going to the one they would put up outside The Natural History Museum in London – they always made it feel so Christmassy and it’s in a great location.

Winter Woodland Walk

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Mathias P.R. Reding on

If you’re watching the pennies this year or just don’t fancy doing something big, you could always go for a romantic winter woodland walk.

Grab a hot chocolate en route, wrap up and warm and head out on a refreshing walk where you can take the time to talk to each other.

This is something my partner and I take the time to do often, because we feel it helps separate us from any stress the day or week has brought into our home and gives us that time to just talk with no distractions – plus winter is a gorgeous time to step out into nature and enjoy it.

Visit A Christmas Fair/ Market

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Elly Fairytale on

Christmas Fairs are so much fun to mooch around and can really get you feeling festive once you’ve visited.

Whether big or small, you’ll be able to get something to eat and drink and maybe browse some craft stalls, purchase a few Christmassy things and have a wander around, getting in the mood together.

If you feel like going big I would highly recommend Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park – it has rides, exhibits, amusements, craft stalls, sweet stores, bars, food – it’s literally like stepping into Christmas.

Attend A Carol Concert

Romantic Things To Do At Christmas
Photo by Blue Ox Studio on

Another way to get you both in the Christmas spirit and feeling romantic could be by attending a carol concert.

It might not feel like the most obvious place, but listening to classic carols in winter often by candelight or other such effect can actually be quite heartwarming. It’s another excuse to grab a hot chocolate and snuggle up together whilst you enjoy it, at least.

Grab A Country Pub Lunch

Romantic Things To Do At Christmas
Ryutaro Tsukata on

On these cold, bleak and wintery days nothing screams warmth more than a Country Pub lunch. I couldn’t think of anything more romantic than popping in after a winter walk and grabbing a table by a lovely warm fire, ordering something yummy from the menu and kicking back with a drink.

It’s something we can do all the time but there is something extra special about doing it at Christmas time.

Craft Together

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Karolina Grabowska on

Why not go for a walk, grab some pine cones and start to craft a wreath or centrepiece together? It will get you working as a team and at the end you’ll have something you can both be proud of, that you can whip out each Christmas to remind you of that memory.

Go See A Light Show

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Elly Fairytale on

With most of us growing up in the Disney era, we all love glitz and glam, glitter, sparkle and magic, especially at Christmas. Lots of places put on lightshows which are either free or charge a small fee to enter and watch.

I attended a lovely one last year at a Japanese Gardens and I felt so festive when I left that I went back again just after the new year trying to cling on to the Christmas feeling.

I’ve recently seen them advertised in different locations such as castles, cathedrals and botanical gardens etc. so look out for one near you.

FYI these are also a really romantic setting and backdrop for anyone looking to propose!

Could you recommend any romantic things to do at Christmas? Comment below!

Peace & Love

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