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Retirement Blues and Solutions*

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To some, retirement is a huge life event to look forward to. For others, the thought of stopping work can be excrutiatingly anxiety-inducing and you fall into the retirement blues.

It can be easy to get stuck in a retirement rut; you don’t see your work colleagues anymore, you stop getting invited to social events, Saturday morning catch-ups and drinks after work are out the window. You may find yourself questioning if you will ever meet anyone new, ever again.

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But this doesn’t have to and shouldn’t be the case. Just because you’re retired does not mean your social life has to stop – in any event it could be the thing that sets you free and makes you more available for that little thing called LIVING.

It can be daunting, but you are far from alone and the proof is in the pudding. So, I’ve compiled a handy little list of some ideas for you to consider if you’re looking to meet new friends, companions, partners or lovers at retirement age.

Retirement Blues and Solutions

Join An Older People’s Group

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Many charities in the UK and Ireland provide services for adults of retirement age. The charities organise social events such as dances and days out amongst so much more, they provide hubs and forums in the community for you to go and raise any issues you think affect us after retirement and even host friendship centres, where you can meet with likeminded people who are looking for friends and companions for holidays, trips and walks.

Book A Holiday For Retired Singles

Many tour operators offer specific holidays tailored for the single person, so you don’t have to feel like the odd one out. Not only are you getting a great holiday experience, you will also be amongst many other singles, so it’s the perfect opportunity to get talking to someone new, who may be in the same boat as you!

Try Online Dating

It can seem so, so scary to think of going on a date, let alone manoeuvring technology in order to secure one. We live in a world where people are becoming increasingly time poor, so many of us do utilise dating apps and sites in order to meet new people as we just can’t do so elsewhere. But, for the retired, it can be a fantastic way to meet someone on your wave length.

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Online dating sites for silver dating (dating in your later years), offer you the opportunity to really hone in on what you want from a relationship, as you can specify what you’re looking for without any awkwardness or lengthy explanations. Friendship, fun or something more serious? Everything is an option for you and the process is simple, so do not be afraid to try – there are so many others just like you, interested in senior dating.

Get A Hobby

Is there something you’ve always been intrested in trying but haven’t had the time? What’s the excuse now? Crafting, sports, dancing , eating – whatever your hobby, there will be a group you can join. It’s easy to search out community activities for the retired online, just type it in to any search engine and you will be spoilt for opportunities. This is a great way to meet others who share similar interests to you and you’ll have so much fun in the process.


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Charity shops, community cafes, visitor centres – these are all great examples of places you could offer your services to for a couple of hours a week as a volunteer. You’ll meet new people, create a new circle of work colleagues and experience the great feeling of giving something back.

The above are just a few of the many things available to you as retired person – your world isn’t closing in on you, it’s actually opening up, so go and enjoy the new experience.

Peace & Love