Tramore Doneraile
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Tramore Doneraile, Waterford, Ireland

I decided to explore my new home town today and stumbled across the Tramore Doneraile Walk. I’ve recently moved from Surrey in the U.K. to Tramore, a small coastal town in the south-east of Ireland to live closer to my Dad for a while.

Headphones in and ambling to the beat, I was aiming for the beach and the promenade as I know that walk well; but I happened across a small brown sign reading ‘Tramore Doneraile Coastal Walk’. It pointed down an alleyway towards the direction of the sea. I had no commitments, so decided to follow the sign, intrigued as I often seem to be in this beautiful country.

What I discovered was THE most beautiful coastal view I think I have ever seen in my 28 years on this planet. Slí na Sláinte means ‘Path of Health’ and the Tramore Doneraile walk is part of the Irish Heart Foundation’s initiative to get people walking. If everyone had these beautiful views, I’m sure we’d all walk that little bit more!

Tramore Doneraile

Tramore Doneraile

You’d be forgiven for missing this sign when visiting the town. I’ve been here year on year as a tourist and never noticed it before. It was only because I had time on my hands today, and I was trying to discover the best routes around the town, that I paid it any attention. Boy, am I glad I did.

Tramore Doneraile Walk

Walking down the seemingly normal alleyway, you begin to glimpse the sea through an opening at the end. As you approach the end of the walkway, the path opens up to a large green space atop a series of cliffs which border the sea. I was quite literally taken aback by the sights before me, just because I didn’t even know it existed!

I’ve travelled to many of England’s gorgeous coastlines, but never have I ever seen views quite as stunning and inviting as those the Doneraile Walk afforded me. Ireland is home to the most beautiful natural landscapes, and this is certainly one to see if you’re ever in the area.

To the left, unspoiled views of Tramore Strand; the beach, amuseument park and rolling fields behind it. To the right, the infamous metal man, kindly pointing ships back out to sea to avoid the shallow waters of the bay, Tramore harbour and the Guilamene. In front, nothing but the beautiful rolling waves of the Atlantic.

I took a moment to relax on one of the many benches. Enjoying the gorgeous views before me.

Tramore Doneraile

The Tramore Doneraile Walk is actually 4.9km in length, but I feel I’d walked right into the heart of it and, to be honest, I didn’t want to move. On a warm, non-windy day, this would be the perfect place for a coffee or a picnic. It’s just a lovely place to go and have a sit-down.

Tramore Doneraile

I believe I’ve now found my new favourite place for contemplation and mindfulness in Tramore. I thought the beach was a gift in itself, so to find such an unspoiled view of everything was a welcome and much-needed surprise. Barely a person in sight, except for a couple of dog walkers, I was able to really relax and enjoy the moment in peace and tranquility.

I’m looking forward to exploring more of this gorgeous area as I become more accustomed to where everything is located and I hope I find many more beautiful, natural surprises as I did today!

Are there any hidden gems or little-known beauty spots near you that you’ve blogged about? Let me know in the comments below.

Peace & Love