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Ballydowane Bay Waterford Ireland

As the sun sets on Summer and we welcome the beginnings of Autumn, I was suprised to be able to get one last glorious beach day in last weekend. This time, we discovered Ballydowane Bay Waterford, on the Copper Coast – a beautiful, clean and very private sheltered beach.

As with many of the beautiful sights in Ireland, it is easy to drive past the entrance to this natural wonder completely. Located off a country road, you head down a very narrow track into a car park (be cautious pulling in as there really is only space for one car heading up or down). and between two rocks you are welcomed by this.

Ballydowane Bay

Ballydowane Bay Waterford Beach

When we visited, hardly anyone else was on the beach, making for a stunning and entirely private experience.

In the U.K. you’re lucky to get a parking space near to the coastline, (not to mention the outrageous parking costs), so it’s such a treat for us to be able to just pull up and relax – undisturbed by anyone or anything and without having to shell out money for the privilege.

Armed with our little picnic and our portable chairs, we set up camp for a few hours, kicked back and enjoyed all the beach had to offer us. I just adore closing my eyes and listening to the waves lapping against the sand.

Ballydowane Bay

I live a few metres from the beach in Tramore – a resort town also located on the Copper Coast. However, unlike Ballydowane Bay, Tramore is a seaside resort (think Fish ‘n’ Chips, Arcades and a Fun Fair).

Whilst the beach in Tramore is beautiful and there are stunning viewpoints across the town, it gets very busy, even in the latter months of the year, so it’s always nice to be able to escape to somewhere a little quieter when we can.

Ballydowane Bay can get busy too, especially in the Summer months, because it is a really beautiful beach. During this time parking can be a nightmare because the access really is so narrow.

But if you ever find yourself passing on a sunny day, it’s a perfect place to kayak or for little ones to body-board. I bought an inflatable two-man kayak and when the sea is calm it’s a lovely place to paddle out and explore.

Ballydowane Bay

Ballydowane Bay Waterford History

Ballydowane Bay Waterford is sheltred by high cliffs. Upon reading the information board in the car park I learned that this particular part of Ireland was once (400 millions years ago) a volcano deep on the ocean floor near to the South Pole, a desert near to the equator and then the site of an 18th century lead and silver mine.

Now, it is a beautiful beach, perfect for a family day out or a very relaxing walk.

Ballydowane Bay

As the weather held out for the day, Jon was even brave enough to take a dip in the sea. I preferred to stay warm, but I thoroughly enjoyed watching him having a swim and offering moral support for the beach.

The water was calm and it was a lovely way to spend one of the last Saturday’s of Summer.

Ballydowane Bay

So, once again, if you are ever in the area or passing through, you must check this beach out. It’s gorgeous, calming and a great place to gather your thoughts whilst enjoying the stunning sights Ireland has to offer you.

Do you know of any little private beaches or bays like this? Are there any hidden gems off the beaten track that you could recommend? Let me know in the comments below!

Peace & Love