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10 Simple Christmas Self-Care Tips

Like any big event or occassion, Christmas can cause stress, anxiety and due to the weather and obviously this year, Covid-19, depression and feelings of burnout. It is so important to keep looking after ourselves mentally and physically throughout the winter. Here are some simple Christmas self-care tips that I find help me when I’m struggling, and put things back in to perspective.

Christmas Self-Care
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10 Simple Christmas Self-Care Tips

1.Remembering It’s Okay To Say No

If you want to do something socially, do it. If you don’t, then don’t. If you can’t afford it or it will leave you stretched that’s fine. It’s okay to say no. Christmas is a busy time of year and you’re probably juggling a million balls already.

Prioritise and pick sensibly; don’t feel pressured or obliged and never feel guilty. If you spread yourself too thinly or take on too much you won’t be feeling too good by the time January comes around which will get you off to a slow start.

2.Take The Time To Step Outside

Short days, dark nights, work all day – it’s hard to get any day or sunlight in the height of winter for many of us.

But though it may be cold and for the most part damp outside, we need the fresh air and little vitamin D we can get to keep us well, let alone to help keep cabin fever at bay after months of lockdown and isolations.

Take part of your tea or lunch break outside if you can. Go for a walk in the park or woodland at the weekend, or even just meet with your bubble for a coffee outside during the day – try to fit in some time outside where and when you can – just remember to wrap up warm!

3.Schedule ME Time

It’s easy to let Christmas become about everyone else. We all do it, but in doing so lose sight of ourselves and our own well-being in doing so.

It’s not selfish to schedule some Me time to replenish the stocks and get your head straight. Take a bath, have a nap, tap into your hobby, watch a film – do something for you.

4.Do The Things You Love

As with the above, you need to keep up your hobby, blog or small business and not get caught up in everything or everyone else entirely.

It’ll be easier to continue at a steady pace than to stop and try to pick up momentum again in January, the notoriously gloomy month. Continue to make time for you and your hobbies.

5.Lower Your Expectations

I used to put so much pressure on myself to achieve festive perfection. Food, gifts, wrapping, decorations – even the handwriting in my Christmas cards was incredibly important to me.

I put so much pressure on myself one year to do and be everything and everywhere that I couldn’t take any enjoyment from it by the end and that was when I realised I was looking at it all wrong.

Yes we want to try our best to achieve the ultimate Christmas, but it shouldn’t be to the detriment of our own happiness. Ultimately it really is just another calendar day, and if we want it to be fun we need to keep it fun.

Do what you need to do, but don’t kill yourself doing it. Don’t overstretch to please others and try to understand that despite our best efforts, not everything is under our control.

Christmas Self-Care
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6.Drink Sensibly

Christmas is a wonderful time in which we all indulge, but we don’t need to use it as an excuse to over-indulge.

Try to pace yourself when drinking – remember you’re always a drink behind and try to have a glass of water inbetween drinks to keep hydrated.

If you end up mixing drinks (which is inevitable – prosecco starter, wine main, port dessert and of course the good old Irish coffee) a pint glass of water and paracetamol before bed is always a great help!

7.Eat Well

You don’t need to give up Christmas Dinner or your selection pack, but you do need to make sure you’re eating regularly and maintaining a varied diet, espeically during the boozy season. You’re body will thank you for it in January.

8.Exercise As Much As Possible

As we all tend to push the boat out at Christmas, maintaining regular exercise is more important that ever. Even if you just take a brisk walk where you can, starting early will give you a headstart on a January resolution, too.

9.Communicate & Stay In Touch

2020 has been tough on us all and it’s not gotten any easier yet. Keeping up regular contact with family and friends is just as important now as ever.

Don’t struggle alone, remember there is always someone you can speak to, and that people do and will care and want to know.

10.Stay Safe

Finally, continue to follow government guidelines and protect yourself and loved ones. Keep up regular hand washing and wearing your mask in public and busy areas.

Winter is hard enough, look after YOU. We’re all in this together and we all want a better 2021. Here’s hoping.

Do you have any Christmas self-care tips that you could suggest? Comment below!

Peace & Love

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